Santo Antonio Stones

Fifty two years ago, the state of Espirito Santo got to know what would become a massive phenomenon of extraction, production and commercialization of marble and granite. It was the birth, on the district of Santo Antonio – located where now is the city of Vargem Alta – of the marble sawmill which would be baptized under the district’s name.

It was in 1968, through the hands of the founder Mr. Luiz Scaramussa, that combining a small shed with an investment in a single gang saw and the efforts of a whole family, the beginning of a sawmill that believed in a single quarry of white marble, the Santo Antonio marble.

Little by little, what once was a small property gained bigger proportions. In 1978, the first advance: The headquarters would be transferred to a new location, Safra, in the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, carrying along a new undertake. It was the consolidation of a well-equipped industry, ready for the market.

In 2003, an audacious architectural project would be materialized into a second unit of the company. The orchestra containing capable engineers, architects and builders, was able to put together the location of Monte Libano, also in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim city.

If it wasn’t for the employees’ invaluable contribution,

Santo Antonio’s development would not have had the accomplishment and growth that it experimented on the last decades, resulting on its current structure.

From the cradle to today, transformations in the national and international economic environment were significant, surely interfering directly on the company’s reality.

Therefore, it can be stated that Santo Antonio’s consolidation happened mainly due to its capacity to adapt to the ever changing features of the economic and social atmospheres.

Throughout its history, another basic element responsible for the constitution of Santo Antonio’s institutional heritage was the constant search for knowledge, many times stored, evaluated, transformed and transmitted in actions related to its bigger vocation, the production of marble and granite with excellence.

Born as a challenging enterprise, Santo Antonio Granitos seems to carry the destiny of its origins: constant renewal and the recognition of the heritage as a result of its trajectory are necessary to move forward. Therefrom, it finds the need to start up new paths and build new stories.

Luiz Scaramussa,

Santo Antonio Stones’ Founder